Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Oriental & copper trend in interiors

I always wished I could master the skill of origami and create beautiful, bespoke pieces to hang in my room. But sadly, I never could. However, this past week I have been admiring oriental interiors, and it seems that there has been a few more home decor emerging; including pieces with an origami pattern.

The copper trend seems a perfect match to the oriental decor. Both of these areas represent the perfect decor for the modern home. I find the two correlate perfectly together.

On the wall...

With a name like Nara it is unsurprising that this wallpaper was my preferred choice when choosing an oriental wallpaper. The design is centred around a oriental floral painting tradition. The richness of the blue is highlighted wonderfully by the cream. 

On the bed...

The lighter shade of teal has a feminine feel. However this combined with the more darker shades gives the duvet a more sophisticated feel. This would be perfect duvet for a wide spread audience, despite preferences in decor.

The origami trend continues into wallpapers too. This Origami Effect Wallpaper - Next is perfect for most oriental decor ideas as the colour is friendly towards most colour schemes.

And matching pillows? Yes please.

For decorative purposes...

Ah, I love the idea of shopping at independent stores. These are so unique and delightful on the eye. I like the grey and copper together. And I think they would look lovely with the Teal Origami duvet from Next. 

If you know me you'll know I am obsessed with fairy/chain lights. I would have them in every room if I could. And I feel there is the perfect set for every room and decor style. I particularly like these due to them being copper and they would give an element of glamour amongst the oriental decor. 

Because who doesn't love a bit of greenery in their home? And it doesn't require watering? Even better. The Bonsai tree represents the oriental theme whilst the pebble base seems more modernised.

How stunning is this? This small cabinet features butterflies and flowers completed with gold leaf edging. The piece is quite diverse as I can imagine it fitting into both a traditional and a modern home; it would be perfect as a bedside table. 

What are your thoughts on the oriental decor? Do you like it or is it not up your street? Or maybe you would prefer it but in a different colour? Let me know!

Emily xox



  1. I actually love those little vases! I love this while oriental theme, it's very classy! :D

    1. It is isn't it? I am totally obsessed at the moment x

  2. Wow, so beautiful. I love it all. The oriental touch creates a unique feel. I've always wanted a bonsai! :)
    Sally x

  3. I love the copper trend at the moment!! :)


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