Saturday, 30 January 2016

A little pink dream

It seems I have got my crafting mojo back, finally!

After my success at Christmas with selling my handmade decorations, I decided to take a little break and plan ahead for the next year. I have had so many ideas buzzing around in my head. I am constantly browsing online or visiting Hobby Craft to get supplies. I had everything you could imagine - felt, wool, cotton. But something was missing. The motivation to craft.

I felt lonely without it, as crafting had gotten me through the difficulties I faced during the festive season and somewhat been my therapy. Luckily it has come back and now I am excited to show you one of the little bits I am working on. 

Dream catchers are a pretty addition to any home whether you believe in the Native American folklore or not. Personally I like to believe that by hanging a dream catcher above my bed only good dreams can be encouraged.

Whatever your decor I am sure you can find a dream catcher to suit your individual style. That's where my crafting love comes in. I have been making some dream catchers recently and wanted to share with you one of my favourite completed designs.

I like to call this one the Princess Rose as it was inspired predominantly by Sleeping Beauty in her famous pink gown.

This would look delightful in a little girls bedroom above her bed; but personally I think it is suitable for any age! I have seen some people even have their dream  catchers hanging from a curtain pole or on their bed headboard. The choice is completely up to you! Wherever you put your dreamcatcher it is always going to be an eye-catching piece and the beauty of customising them is I can make them solely unique to you and your personality.

I used silk embroidery thread for the centre and wool to wind around the copper hoop. For the decor I just used faux feathers, satin/cotton ribbon, beads, the remainder of the wool and other haberdashery items I already had in my craft box.

I have received so many lovely comments about this dream catcher and it has inspired me to make some more. I have had a couple of custom orders already, but I am still selling them. If you would like to contact me about a potential, customised dream catcher then Tweet me or visit my Facebook page. 

* I am in the process of setting up my Etsy shop and hope to have it with you all during Spring!

What do you think of dream catchers? Do you appreciate their symbolism? Or do you just think they are a pretty decor?



  1. This is amazing and so pretty!!! Tania xx

  2. This is so beautiful and you clearly have a wonderful talent in crafts! The colours are lovely and I can definitely see how you were inspired by sleeping beauty's dress... I hope you get to sell lots of these!! :) xx

  3. This is gorgeous!

    I love the symbolism of dream catchers and really like that you have left the centre open. I keep seeing so many dream catchers with a decorative bead in the centre but that seems confusing as I had thought there needed to be a space for the good dreams to be free to float through.

    Best of luck in selling them, they really are beautiful! xx


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