Thursday, 18 February 2016

DIY geometric pin board

Where better to keep all those vital reminders than on a pin board? My own board was starting to look a bit worse for wear, so I decided that it needed a serious makeover. 

As I have been loving the geometric pattern at the moment, I decided what better way to add a little bit of geometric style to my bedroom than through my pin board. Here is my guide on how I created my own geometric triangle design. 

Sunday, 14 February 2016

A morning walk around the lake

I often see people complaining about where they live. They dream of being able to escape and leave behind their roots. I am actually quite proud of where I live, and although it would be a dream to visit many places around the world I would always be happy to come back to the place I call home.

One thing in particular I am grateful for living near is the lake. Throughout the seasons it still remains such a beautiful place to go for a walk (okay, so perhaps in Summer it's a bit more warmer but you get what I am trying to say!)

Going to the lake early in the morning when there are few people around gives you the fresh air and motivation for the rest of the day.

I know not many people are lucky to live near such a beautiful piece of nature, and for that I am grateful.


Friday, 12 February 2016

An afternoon with George

A few weeks ago I met up with a rather handsome chap called George. It was an afternoon date and things moved pretty fast. He slobbered a bit and I didn't think much to his etiquette when it came to eating; he dropped most of it on the floor and started to lick up the crumbs! Aside from that he was very charming and I do hope we have a second date sometime soon. Although he hasn't called me yet?

Anyway he very kindly agreed to let me take some photographs of him for free, which I was pleased about as he is model material:


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The greatest thing I have ever been given

I could write down a ton of material gifts people have given me. But what do they really mean? Sure getting gifts is nice and exciting, but at the end of the day I value far greater things that people have given to me. 

I suppose when I read the subject being: something someone gave to you, I came up with lots of things that have been given to me over the years. A couple of things that stood out to me where things my family have given to me in particular the morals and values they have installed in me growing up. 

9 things that make my home a happy home

Thanks to an article on Good Housekeeping a couple of weeks ago, there are apparently  9 things that scientists say your home needs if you want to be happy. So I have decided to do my own list of things I need in order to be happy in my home. 

Scientists think that your home being stylish and clean doesn't equate to the happiest life you could lead. They believe there are colours, scents and accessories you should feature in your home to improve the chances of you being the best, most happiest version of you EVER.

After reading the article I can understand why certain items do encourage happiness, for example scented candles. But I personally believe we all have various preferences to what makes our home unique and special to us. 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Dear Mum

Dear Mum, 

Thank you for being the best friend I could ever have. Nobody will ever replace the bond we have created these past 20 years. You have made me laugh in even the most difficult of situations, like the time you accidentally chucked a bottle of water over a passenger on the train (still makes me laugh) or when you fell over in the middle of the cinema and you couldn't move through hysteria. 

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Laura Ashley SS16 collection

I wish Spring would hurry up and make an appearance. I am getting tired of grey, damp and cold days. I am ready for the fresh beginnings of Spring. 

With Spring comes the SS16 collection brought from Laura Ashley. I am particularly admiring the concept of bringing the outdoors in. I always associate Spring with the outdoors, nature and freshness. It's the perfect theme to give your home a real Spring clean.

Time to talk about depression

Today is Time to Talk day, a day dedicated to talking about mental health. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to write about one of the topics I have been wanting to speak out about for a while. 

Before I start I want to state that this is my own experience. I do not want to put everyone in similar professions under one umbrella. There are some absolutely amazing people who work for the NHS, who literally change lives. There is one lady who I will be forever grateful to during my stay in hospital. She was just a student nurse yet seemed so experienced, comforting and always had an ear to lend. My post will focus around some members of staff in the NHS, ones I have experienced so far who have prompted me to write this post. This is my time to talk:

One of the biggest issues I have with some medical professionals is that some don't even seem fully trained in the role they are in. Whilst I was in hospital we would have regular staff during the week who we would grow to recognise and develop relationships with. If you knew a certain member of staff was on duty that day, it made the world of difference. Now I am not saying I expect these people to work every single day, that's impossible. However, what I am saying is that on specialist units such as for eating disorders, you should not bring random members of staff who have no previous experience with the illness. 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Depression isn't black & white

I had such an amazing and heartwarming response to my last post The Joke Wears Thin  and it really gave me the courage to write some more. I had been so nervous to share my blog with people who actually knew me in real life. My anxieties stemmed from being mocked for thinking I was interesting enough to write a blog, or that people would talk about the poor quality of my writing. Although these anxieties are still there, picking at my brain, I realised how much I do enjoy writing and how great it would be to share it with the world. 
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