Thursday, 18 February 2016

DIY geometric pin board

Where better to keep all those vital reminders than on a pin board? My own board was starting to look a bit worse for wear, so I decided that it needed a serious makeover. 

As I have been loving the geometric pattern at the moment, I decided what better way to add a little bit of geometric style to my bedroom than through my pin board. Here is my guide on how I created my own geometric triangle design. 

Okay - so first thing's first, what materials do you need?

Cork board,
Acrylic Paint (all purpose) - the colours I chose are: gold, turquoise, dark purple, princess pink, blush pink and lavender,
x1 Large flat wash brush, 
x1 Small flat wash brush, 
Masking tape.  
* to finish and seal the paint I used Pebeo glossy picture varnish. This isn't mandatory to use but is extremely useful when it comes to avoiding chipping the paint when using your board. Plus it gives it a nice glossy finish. 

* 90% of my supplies were from Hobby Craft as I trust their products and they have always been good quality in my experience. 

1. Get your masking tape and diagonally half the board. When you are sticking your tape down ensure that there are no air bubbles caught, this could let the paint run into the areas you don't want too. 

TIP: Use longer tape than the measurements of the board and fold them underneath. This secures the tape and makes sure it doesn't come undone during painting. 

2. Once you've halved the board, you can start to separate the rest of it into triangles. This is where you can let your creativity play as it doesn't really matter where you choose to put the tape. You can create something totally unique!

Notice how I have folded one of the bits of tape in half? This is to create a thinner line to distinguish the triangle. I chose not to cut the tape in case the line was not straight, this way it ensures the line will be more clean and crisp.

^ This was my final design. 

3. Now it's time to paint! Again colours are personal preference and I decided to use a combination of pastel pinks/purples, dark purple, gold and turquoise; as these are my favourite colours and I felt they worked well together for my interior and correlated nicely. 

I mainly used my larger flat wash brush as the areas were big. But when it came to the edges I used a smaller headed brush to neaten it up. Always ensure your tape is secure as if you're a messy painter (like me) then the paint could run into where we want our lines to be! 

4. It may take a few coats of paint (I did three) to make the colour really stand out and opaque, as you are painting on an uneven surface. Don't worry if it looks slightly bumpy; this is the texture and once it's dry after a few coats it will be fine.

Once you have painted all the areas you need to let your board dry for a good couple of hours. I left mine for about 3 to ensure it was properly dry. If you do the next step too quickly you have the chance of disturbing the paint and ruining the overall affect. 

5. Now it's dry, remove the tape and ta-da! You have your beautiful geometric board ready for the final step. 

6. Time to paint the border, again colour preference is totally up to you but I chose white as I didn't want something that would take the focus away from the pattern on the board. 

Again a few coats (I used 2) may be needed to cover the wood underneath. But I quite liked the look of being able to see the textures underneath the paint. 

After I was happy with the thickness of the paint I used the Pebeo glossy picture varnish to seal the paint and give the board a glossy finish. 

And there we have it, your very own geometric pin board! Now all that is left is to stick all those important bits and bobs you have lying around everywhere. I put some important notices and some motivational quotes to help me get the jobs done!

Are you going to try this? I would love to see what you come up with! Please tag me if you do create one for yourself!

Emily xox


  1. Yay! I've been waiting for this post haha... It looks soo pretty and seems easier to create than what I thought it would :)
    Definitely going to be trying it out soon x
    Kirsty x

  2. This is such a lovely DIY!! I think it would look nice even if it was just on some canvas as some decor in your room or something! I might do a similar post about DIY decor soon because this has just inspired me haha!

    Kathy xx

    1. Agreed perhaps three mini canvas prints with different geometrics on?! Glad it inspired you and thank you :) x

  3. The finished board is so cute! I have a ton of push pins but I've always found the bare brown pin boards kinda ugly, I never even thought about painting them! I definitely want to try this out!

    1. Please do, such a simple way to spruce up your decor. Thank you x

  4. This is such a simple but interesting idea! Loving the end result :) so creative!

    Hana | ♥

  5. Oh my goodness! This looks GORGEOUS! I definitely need to make one!

    Be | lovefrombe

    1. You really should, I would love to see how it looks! Thank you x

  6. Oh I love this, so much more exciting than just a plain boring board x

    1. That was exactly why I wanted to do it, thank you!x

  7. Love this, and as I actually need one of these, I think I'll have a go.

    1. You should it's really quick and easy! Thank you x


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