Thursday, 4 February 2016

Laura Ashley SS16 collection

I wish Spring would hurry up and make an appearance. I am getting tired of grey, damp and cold days. I am ready for the fresh beginnings of Spring. 

With Spring comes the SS16 collection brought from Laura Ashley. I am particularly admiring the concept of bringing the outdoors in. I always associate Spring with the outdoors, nature and freshness. It's the perfect theme to give your home a real Spring clean.

 Laura Ashley offers us a collection entitled appropriately Timeless Country, it is a perfect update for any room.


Different shades of green look harmonious when placed together. These five key colours to me correlate with one another beautifully. The shades of green symbolise being at one with nature; and when you add in cotton white represent cleanliness and purity. With any of the shades of green you can transform even the most city home into a country cottage. 

Source from left to right:

Being the primary colour in nature, the palette of green is sure to be fresh, adding a natural element to your home. Most greens are accentuated by a white trim, thus the cleanliness of the Cotton White being the ideal choice. 

Pssst...Don't forget the pinks
And if you're looking to add a bit more femininity to your room why not look at rose? Rose Quartz was voted one of Pantone colour of the year 2016 - and here is a delightful rose from Laura Ashley a perfect partner for Willow: 


From the bed to the walls

If you choose to wallpaper your home it is always a difficult decision to choose one that you feel represents the overall look you are aiming for. The willow leaf print is both fresh and contemporary, and for a feature wall I adore this wallpaper. Although if you are feeling more adventurous it could be used wall to wall. 

The outdoors theme continues into the bedlinen with the Aviary Garden bed set, which is in a mellow apple green. If you have always wanted your own aviary but like me live in apartment, then this possibly could be the next best thing.

(Don't you just love the detailing of the berries the birds chest adding a pop of colour?)

Sometimes simplicity is key. The Arden bedlinen is a contemporary take on the popular floral. Although quiet with it's neutral colours, the design screams elegance. If you are thinking of decorating your walls with a green palate, then perhaps using a more toned down bedlinen would prohibit the design to be to over facing. 


Velvet seems to be the Marmite of the home decor world. You either love it or hate it. Personally I still haven't made my mind up yet. I wouldn't necessarily choose it for my own decor but when I see it in store room mock ups it always looks good. Whether you like it or loathe it, there is no denying that velvet seems to be a popular choice of fabric. Although unsure on the fabric, I am still obsessed with this forrest green colour.

A few little extras
Of course decorating EVERYTHING in green isn't ideal and you do need other colours to help compliment the green palate. 

Here are some other style spots I found from Laura Ashley:

What do you think? Are you liking the outdoors coming in? Or do you think it should stay outdoors, where it belongs?

Emily xox


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