Friday, 4 March 2016

5 quick ways to add Spring to your home with Next

Guess what? Spring is almost upon us! Even though most of us seemed to have had a flurry of snow this week (seriously it's March?) 

I am more than ready to say goodbye to Winter for another year and welcome the new life and freshness of Spring. As the seasons change there is always so much I want to buy and do to redecorate the flat. Unfortunately many of us simply cannot afford to do this. So the next best thing is to make simple and quick changes to your home to welcome in the new season.

Next have some seriously Spring inspired homeware that would make the pickiest of birds want to nest. And lucky enough there are ways you can create your Spring paradise without making to many changes to your home:

1. Flowers
One of my favourite things about Spring is the promise of new life with flowers beginning to bloom. If you aren't  a fresh flowers sort of person you can always opt for the no care artificial flowers instead. The bonuses are they don't need watering, last forever and still look as pretty!

These can bring an element of colour to any room with any decor whether it be traditional or contemporary.

2. Fresh cushions
Cushions are the quick way to spruce up your sofa, chair or bed as the seasons change. With Spring you can add soft pastel tones with wildlife inspired images. One of my favourite things I have been noticing recently is the watercolour effect which looks perfect for the Spring theme. 

The colour schemes used on these cushions pretty much sums up Spring: fresh, rejuvenating, blossoming with new beginnings for plants and animals. How cute is the Hare peeping out of the grass? 

3. Spring clean your bedding 
I've yet to find something better than getting into a bed of pure freshness. Spring seems like the perfect time to invest in some new, pretty bedding. Your bed is the focal point of the bedroom so if you're like me and can't afford to re-decorate your bedroom each time a new trend comes about, then just make a simple change to your bedding.

The great thing about these patterns is that they can easily be applied to a Spring or Summer theme, meaning if you did decide to purchase one it would be suitable for two seasons! 

4. Clear the air
When the weather doesn't permit you to go outdoors or open your windows, why not freshen up the air with these?

I can imagine these smell delightfully of Spring; and if you're not so into the Spring fragrances you can always buy the sweet pea and reship votives and put your favourite scents in instead.

5. Dine in Spring 
Say goodbye to the Christmas cups for another year and add some sparkling, fresh Spring inspired kitchen/dining ware to your life.

Simple attributes to add to your kitchen that are guaranteed to bring the cheer of Spring to you. How cute are the little cottage teapot and biscuit tin?

Do you make any changes to your home as the seasons change? Are you looking forward to Spring or are you just waiting for Summer?

Emily xox


  1. Everything on this list is so pretty!! Even though we're heading into autumn in South Africa, now I'm desperate to add some spring to my house!

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium

    1. It's never to early/late for Spring! I am glad you enjoyed it <3

  2. One thing I have actually been trying to do is growing my own flowers!! It's a bit ambitious but I am definitely determined to complete this task hahah! :)

    kathy x

  3. I wish it was spring now (but instead it started snowing a couple of days ago?!). I love when the flowers start blooming - I live right next to a park that's always full of flowers, it's so beautiful! But for now, I'm also 'cheating' with some artificial ones :D x

    - Anne | annesmiles

  4. I love the flowers! Next have so many pretty things :) xx

  5. I'm loving this post! So pretty! I love it when flowers come our.


  6. This all suits my taste so so much! Everything floral and pretty is right up my alley! I love the floral decorations and the bed sheets the most I think! May have to go and have a venture into Next and find a few things for my home!

    Jasmine ♡

  7. What a lovely post :) my favorite season is autumn as I love cold but spring is so pretty as well! I love flowers especially tulips so I always have them in my room ! xx


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