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To read about what I got up to on my first day in Disneyland Paris click here!

After my 21st celebrations the previous day and not getting into bed until 1:30am after being up since 6am, we decided we needed sleep. I didn't want to burn out and completely ruin the day so it was well worth spending some time rejuvenating for the following day. We had a lunch booked at Auberge de Cendrillon which is a Cinderella themed restaurant situated in Fantasyland. It is one of the more expensive dining experiences in the park as it's posh nosh combined with a exquisite environment and royal hosts. 

The restaurant mainly stood out to me from the exterior as in the courtyard there is a beautiful Cinderella, gold and cream coach. The attention to detail was stunning and I thoroughly loved noticing all the little elements such as Lucifer and the mice at the bottom of the fountain. 

Once inside the decor is just as pleasing to the eye, with the theme being the story of Cinderella there are lots of little touches such as hanging tapestry on the walls that make you feel as though you have stepped into a fairytale. 

The overall atmosphere of the restaurant feels very royal and fancy to say the least! I felt like I should have been dressed in something a little bit more formal than leggings and vans which I guess you could say is a good point as you are paying for the environment just as much as the food. Luckily enough everyone else was in the same situation in their park gear as it was lunch. I think the food can really divide some people as for me I really appreciated being able to order dishes with artichoke, asparagus and proper ravioli. Whereas my mum was not impressed! One of the biggest let downs though was I had my heart set on a Cinderella chocolate shoe for dessert (you know for those Instagram moments) but they wouldn't serve it to me as it was from the children's menu! You would think with the amount you are spending they would serve you anything on a golden plate!

If I am being honest I don't think I would repeat this character dining experience again on my next visit. I much preferred Inventions (which we did the next day!) Although I am pleased we did it as all the attention to details really where my cup of tea. 

After the disappointment of the chocolate shoe, which I don't think I will EVER get over we later headed to Gibson Girl located on Main Street. I was obsessed with this Victorian style interior, it is literally how I am envisioning my dream kitchen! They served Ben & Jerry flavours but again the moment was made with a Mickey wafer... If you can't tell already, I am very easily pleased.

A visit to Alice's Curious Labyrinth was very eagerly anticipated. This was one of the main areas of the park I specifically remember from my childhood visits. If you are a fan of the Alice in Wonderland film you'll enjoy walking through the series of mazes all focused around Alice's journey through wonderland, ultimately ending at the Queen of Hearts castle which when at the top gives an amazing view of the castle and Fantasyland. 

Once we had watched the parade for the second day the tiredness began to creep back up to us. We decided to go back to the hotel and have a famous Disney cocktail aka Glowtini before heading off to bed for an early start the next day. 

I hope you enjoyed my second post on what I got up to in Disneyland Paris! I must apologise if the photos seem a bit excessive, but there was too much prettiness not to photograph.

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  1. I loved seeing your photos, the Cinderella themed restaurant looked so cute! | Amy x

    1. Thank you so much Amy, it was very cute!x


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