Friday, 8 July 2016


I am at the beginning of my baking adventure and whilst rocky road isn't technically baking it's still allowing me to practice at becoming a domestic goddess. I find there to be something so therapeutic about baking and seeing people enjoy what I have made, the only downside being the mountain of washing up there seems to be at the end. This is my second batch of rocky road I have made and it seems to have gone down nicely with lots of people. I thought it would be perfect to share on my little blog for other people who want something chocolatey and delicious but quick and easy to make!

You will need
150g butter (at room temp)
350g Cadbury milk chocolate 
4tbs golden syrup 
250g rich tea biscuits
150g mini marshmallows 
icing sugar 

1. At a low temperature melt the butter and add the chocolate and syrup and stir until fully melted. Be careful not to have the heat too high! Then place to one side. 
2. Grab a clean tea towel and place the rich tea biscuits inside and fold up. Smash the biscuits with a rolling pin until the biscuits are in chunks.
3. Pour the biscuit chunks into the chocolate and stir until the chunks are covered in chocolate. 
4. Add the marshmallows and continue stirring until covered. 
5. In a baking tray (32.3cm, 20.1cm) pour the mixture in and spread evenly and place in the fridge. 
6. Ideally you should leave the rocky road overnight but if you don't have the time then just keep checking that it has hardened. You should not be able to move it around without cutting it first.
7. Once you are happy that it has set sprinkle some icing sugar on top for a finishing touch; then cut into pieces as you wish.
8. Eat, share (if you really have too) and enjoy!

What do you think, is it something you will be trying? What's your favourite chocolatey treat?



  1. These look delicious, I will definitely be giving this a go! x

    1. They are delicious, I hope you enjoy them as much as me and my family did xx

  2. Ah so happy I stumbled across your blog and I love how everything is in pastel colours. Rocky road is my guilty pleasure, plus I like how it’s quite easy to make. The photos look extremely Pinterest worthy, you have inspired me to get back into baking! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you so much, that is so kind of you to say. I hope you enjoy getting back into baking; I am loving it so much right now!xx

  3. Mmm this looks amazing - I might try this at the weekend :)

    Kirsty xo.

    1. Thank you, you really should it's delicious xx

  4. This looks amazing! Very detailed post too :) I'm limited in the kitchen and the best I can do is rice crispy cakes ha! I really want to try and bake more though xox
    Jenny /

    1. Thank you so much! Seriously this time last year I was SO limited in the kitchen I couldn't even do rice crispy cakes!! But with a little practice I have really started to enjoy baking now and developing it as a hobby. I really suggest trying rocky road as it is fairly simple and SO SO GOOD! Good luck!x


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