Monday, 22 August 2016


Pinch me I am dreaming... I suspect this may be what a cat lovers paradise might look like. When I heard about the Cat Cafe coming to Manchester a couple of months back I knew I had to book tickets. I mean what could be more perfect than sipping a cup of coffee whilst being surrounded by lots of beautiful cats?

It's the perfect (oh please forgive me for the terrible pun) place to go to relax with a coffee and snuggle up on a sofa with the adorable feline residents. If you can't have a cat yourself then for £12 an hour, it is the perfect solution to get some of that valuable cat time; as well as unlimited drinks. From Bengals to British short hairs there really is something to satisfy any cat lovers dream.

The cafe is located on High Street in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. I travelled by train to Piccadilly and actually finding the cafe was fairly simple, even for a complete cityphob like me!

My cup of tea
The atmosphere of the cafe is calming and laid back, it's the perfect place to go for some downtime. The combination of cats snoozing away in little nooks and acoustic music could probably lift just about anyone out of a bad mood.

As for the welfare of the cats I was really comforted by how relaxed they were. There was plenty of escape routes for the cats to go (and go they did) if they were tired of human interaction. If you own a cat you know how aloof they can be! In fact there was one cat that slept the entire time on a ledge on the wall; I didn't see it until I left! This being said there are more than enough cats there to ensure that whilst some may be snoozing, others will be wide awake and ready for some TLC.

 There was a good selection of hot and cold drinks; I opted for my usual Skinny Latte whilst my mum went for a hot chocolate, which came with cream and marshmallows. My mum also decided to try a piece of the Cake of the Day which was Red Velvet. Although if truth being told, we struggled to even finish our drinks let alone touch the cake; mainly because we were so busy fussing/playing with the cats we forgot all about it. But your primary purpose to visit the Cat Cafe is little to do with the refreshments but rather the residents. 

A form of therapy 
Doctors can only do so much for us and it wasn't until I started volunteering at a cattery that I realised how much joy and love cats brought to me. Cats are my form of antidepressant and it has even been proven that stroking a cat reduces your heart rate and blood pressure.

There were also two new bengal kittens there who were very playful indeed and enjoyed exploring some of the tasty treats we had on our tables! It was lovely to see kittens as well as older cats, as whilst the older cats were more bothered about curling up for a snooze, the kittens enjoyed nothing more than playing and launching themselves onto surfaces from afar. 

I know you shouldn't have favourites but I had a little soft spot for Snowy (above). I guess you could say she reminded me of my cat ElJay who also has cattitude. Despite Snowy being blind she still managed to get herself into mischief by climbing on surfaces and trying to get into cupboards behind the counter (naughty Snowy!) 

My heart couldn't contain itself when I noticed the little bunk beds attached to the wall. What I really appreciated about the cafe that it took into consideration that the cats won't always want to be fussed or around the public. There were lots of ledges for the cats to jump on to escape and a back room for them to retreat too when they wanted to be alone.

What do you think? Would a Cat Cafe be somewhere you would be interested in visiting? 

Are you following me?



  1. Omg my heart <3

    1. My exact reaction when I walked in there x

  2. Omg so cute, i really want to go to a cat cafe and these cats are adorable =]

    1. Aren't they just? You should if you can find one local to you x

  3. I love cat cafes so much, I've been to two in my city, and would love to go to more (all around the world)! xo

    1. How lovely, I would love to visit one in Japan where they originated x

  4. I'd heard about a cat cafe opening in Manchester but didn't realise it had opened yet! It sounds so lovely and like the cats are well looked after. I love the photo of the dog looking in through the window!
    Leanne xx.

    1. I got a really good vibe from it and really liked the fact the cats had loads of escape routes so they weren't 'forced' to be with us! Haha yeah same it was a funny moment! Thank you x

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