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Once in a while we all need to treat ourselves. Whether this be through a bouquet of roses or binge watching Netflix, we all deserve it and require it. One of my favourite ways to treat myself? By having a good old fashioned pamper day! It's amazing how good it can feel to soak in a bubbly bath and apply a fresh coat of nail varnish. I am terrible for sticking to routine and forget to do all the things we are told we should do in our  beauty routine such as moisturising daily. Although when it comes to people dictating what we should and shouldn't be doing, I truly believe it is all down to personal preference. These are just my ideas of ways you give yourself a pamper day at home.

A cup of your choice 
It could be rosé or it could be tea whilst I personally prefer the latter, it doesn't really matter. I mean go for a hot chocolate with the full works if you really want! Maybe a little something sweet on the side too?

Light some candles
I'm obsessed with Yankee candles thanks to my mum introducing me to them a couple of years ago and it's true when they say that one size candle does not fit all. I much prefer floral scents in the bathroom such as Pink Carnation and Fresh Cut Roses and for the kitchen more foodie scents.

Run a bath
Why as children did we hate bath time? It seemed like a chore rather than a luxury. Baths are my absolute favourite thing ever now! The perfect form of relaxation for me, when I feel anxious or having a should we say tender day, I find the healing powers of a steaming, bubbly bath incredible. I actually enjoy sitting in the bath whilst it's filling up perhaps a little bit too much until I am submerged in bubbles. A couple of weeks ago I bought this Rose Jam bubble bar from Lush and can safely say I will be repurchasing. I had never used it before in my Lush life and it the Shea butter in the centre of the Macaron bar left my skin feeling so smooth! Oh and it also turned my bath water pink, which is always a winner.

Make yourself smell sweet
I am drawn to pretty packaging, it's probably the first thing I know as a consumer whilst shopping. If it's pretty and pink it's probably a given that I will be buying it. I was recently sent a dolly mixture of treats from Patisserie de Bain's and one of them was this sugared violet shower creme. The best way I can describe it to you is the exact scent of parma violets, remember those little violet sweets you used to get in party bags as a kid?! They are literally a dead ringer for them.

Inspired by colourful French patisseries and traditional sweet shop sweets, there is something in the range to satisfy any sweet tooth including Lemon BonBons, Cherry Pies and Strawberry Cupcakes.

Okay forgetting the fact this is a soap for a moment - how blooming cute is this lemon bonbon cupcake soap? Although lemon is my favourite scent it does please my aesthetics... It's rather Instagramable wouldn't you agree?

Anyone else guilty of not being able to be bothered  forgetting to moisturise? This girl is. But when I do I also remember how good it feels to have silky soft skin and feel like a goddess.

If we're keeping with the theme of smelling delicious then there are plenty of scrumptious scents to choose from in the bath and beauty world. I have previously loved the strawberry cupcake body lotion from Patisserie de Bain, so when I had the chance to try the sweet as cherry pie version I was excited. Ripe, red cherries are blended with vanilla equating in you smelling like a pie Mary Berry would be proud of.

Get into something a little more comfortable
I literally wish going out in your PJs was acceptable, if I can I practically live in my jim jams they are so comfy and snug. So they are the perfect attire for when you are having a you day.

Paint your nails and care for those cuticles
My skin has a tendency to go dry and I can often forget to care for my cuticles (sorry hands!) So when I am in a pampering mood I like to apply a fresh coat of nail varnish and massage some balm and cream into my hands.

I have used a couple of cuticle oils and in comparison of the others that I have tried I did like the Rose Petal Balm from Rose & Co. The fact it can double up to be used on your lips too is a bonus, like two for the price of one!

Read a book
Sometimes I think we can get so engrossed with our tablets, phones and social media that before we know it we can have spent the entire evening scrolling through Instagram. I don't get me wrong, I love social media. It encourages, motivates and inspires me everyday. But there are times where I just like to sit and read a book or my favourite magazine.

I hope you enjoyed these ways I pamper myself! What are your favourite ways to take some you time and give your body some self care?

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  1. Love posts like these! They're great reminders to take care of yourself. I personally love watching RuPaul's Drag Race to help me relax! xx


    1. Thank you Meggan! Oh my I used to love RuPaul's Drag Race and then just stopped watching it for some unknown reason. I might have to get back on the hype again x

  2. I agree with you all the way with this! I sometimes watch Youtube instead but this is the only time I get to catch up..when I'm in the bath! I love how girly your bathroom is :) I really need to inject some life into mine xx

    1. Oh yes YouTube is great to chill out too. Thank you so much!x

  3. Great tips. I was having a "tender day" until I started talking to a friend and began reading blog posts like this one. :)

    Perhaps we could keep in touch.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the post, I have just followed you on Twitter now. I really like your blog :) x

  4. I agree with all of these a bath and lighting a candle are my favourite ways to relax! Great post!

    Ella xx

  5. I had a pamper evening on Friday. It was pouring down outside, so I ran a deep bath (had no bubbles sadly) put on some candles and a relaxing playlist and soaked for a long time. I applied a body scrub and some body lotions afterwards. I made myself a nice cup of coffee after getting out. I felt totally relaxed. Everybody needs to pamper themselves every now and then.

    1. I couldn't agree more, that sounds like the perfect pampering session too me!x

  6. I'm sick today and took the day off from work and a pamper day sounds amazing. I think I'm going to go run myself a bath now :)


    1. I hope you feel better soon & enjoy your pampering session!x

  7. I love a pamper night, lighting candles and having a nice bath with a lush bath bomb!

    Tiffany x

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