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Bread week always proves hard but this series luck didn't seem on a majority of the bakers sides. And with Paul's words of erm... encouragement it's no wonder the bakers didn't feel confident in their bakes. I don't think Paul was getting enough sleep because he was so harsh, but I guess when you're a professional baker you have the authority to be. But I know I would be leaving the tent in tears if he insulted my bakes...

The signature challenge was to bake a chocolate bread which I will be honest I don't think sounds that nice. When I think of bread I always think of savoury and would much prefer a cheesy, garlic bread as opposed to a chocolatey bread.

Most discouraging observation of the week...

When Paul said to Michael he was making a right pigs ear manhandling his butter and dough. Mary's face says it all really...

It seemed like a battle between more time to proof the bread or more time to bake?! 2 hours is a challenging time for making bread as it isn't a lot of time, on many recipes they recommend 1-2 hours on each proof. And the calamity hit when last weeks star baker Candice turned out her bread and it collapsed into a soggy heaped mess causing her to breakdown in tears and apologise profusely to Paul and Mary.

Judging by the reaction on Twitter it wasn't just me who was a bit confused by this weeks technical challenge. It was obviously set by Paul who asked for the BAKERS to make 12 Dampfnudel with a plum and custard sauce. None of the bakers (and probably the viewing audience) had any idea what they were and it caused a bit of a ruckus amongst some as they argued it wasn't exactly baking rather than it was a case of steaming. Pauls justification? It was to test the bakers on whether they know when the dough is cooked; and from the signature challenge, it was touch and go if any of them did. The secret was when steaming them not to be tempted to look inside but lets face it when you see a sign saying please don't touch you just have to touch don't you?!

As for the showstopper it was a case of plaited bread with 3 flours. I thought Andrews design was amazing and I was slightly in awe how people can make bread into a piece of art whereas my best shot is shoving it into a bundt tin. Please can we talk about Val's Noah's Ark - with only 1 elephant because he's had an argument with the other and 1 dove because the other's flown away. VAL TO WIN.

Signature Bake: S'mores inspired tear and share bread

So for this week I decided again to sway towards the signature bake. I have never baked bread before and was already apprehensive about a sweet bread, but I wanted to give it a shot. I decided to create a bread that could be torn into and had the texture of bread whilst still having a gooey centre. My bread is inspired by s'mores (chocolate, biscuit and marshmallow)

I had a pre-blogpost attempt at baking the bread as it was a new thing to me. I have only ever used a loaf tin twice before and result has been catastrophically bad. I'm talking soggy bottoms and burnt tops. So what did this smart girl decide to use? A loaf tin and needless to say my bread baked brown on top and at the bottom was dough that Paul could have rolled back into a ball in his hands.

So take 2 and I decided instead to roll the balls individually and then form them together in a smaller cake tin. The result? Much better. I would love to know if anyone else has had problems with loaf tins please let me know, because right now they are on the floor after being chucked against the wall.

I was semi pleased with the finish, I think it didn't help that I am not overly fussed on sweet bread. I let the family have a test and they said it was good - but they too would prefer a cheesy and garlicky bread instead. The one thing I was happy about was the gooeyness as you tore apart the bread, it was what I wanted! So brownie points for me for getting moisture without a soggy bottom.

Mum's verdict:

Taste: 3 1/2

Texture: 4

Appearance: 4

Total: 11(1/2)/15

What do you think, would you like to see a recipe in the future for my s'mores bread? Are you as excited for batter week on the next episode? Let me just say YORKSHIRE BLOODY PUDDINGS!!

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  1. This looks so good! I can't say I've ever had a problem with loaf tins though...

    This week we made a Chocolate & Hazelnut Spiced Loaf, it smelt amazingly good though I'm slightly disappointed all the filling ended up in one end! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you! I think I have sussed out the problem... I wasn't using a big enough tin and the mixture just wasn't getting enough heat. That sounds delicious, I will have to check it out!x

  2. AH this looks AMAZING as always Emily! You're so good at baking. I'm planning on baking bread and vlogging it again but it won't be as pretty as this!! Lovely post. And yes I am so up for batter week..not sure how we're going to recreate this as it's so dangerous with all the oil!! xx

    1. AH thank you so much! That's so sweet of you to say. I have my deep fat fryer at the ready to get that oil sizzling x


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