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If I was going to wait until I was happy with my blog content enough to actually post anything then I would end up never, ever posting! I have been watching so many decorating/moving VLOGS on YouTube at the moment as I have been redecorating my whole bedroom; and I thought why not document it through my blog? I have been wanting for so long to restart this blog - I have so many ideas but the lack of confidence just cripples me and then in the end I just end up not posting enough and ultimately feeling even worse about myself. I decided that redecorating doesn't equate to beautiful surroundings and aesthetically pleasing pictures, but so what? I want this blog to be about my projects and what I am inspired by and that isn't always going to be crisp and perfect. All I will say is you will have to excuse the mess of my bedroom, as you can imagine everything is a little all over the place at the moment. 

When me and my mum moved into this apartment in 2013 the walls were a magnolia colour and over time have just gotten a bit worse for wear. I have always been a fan of clean white walls and never really been too keen on the whole cream/magnolia vibe. I think it just makes a room look a bit dull and dreary in my opinion. Although we are renting we are lucky enough to be allowed to paint the walls and redecorate at we like, so we started off doing the main bathroom which is pink and white (it looks ACE) and then the hallway which is also a really pale shade of pink. For the rest of the apartment we are aiming for white walls with colourful furniture, but before all that I really wanted to start my room. It was just getting me down; I had previously painted all of my furniture white but I began to get a bit bored with it all. As I was scrolling through Pinterest I was inspired to add some more colour into my room, I hoped that waking up in a nice colourful room would both inspire me and enlighten me! I am also hoping to replace my bedding and curtains although I know this can be pricey but I am hoping to also show how you can redecorate your home on a budget and still feel pleased with the results. 

It's my birthday soon and I think that me and mum are going shopping to get some bits hopefully to go in my room like a new brighter duvet - I have seen one in Primark the other week it was very tropical and bright and AH I NEED IT GUYS. I also want some new scatter cushions to go on the bed as the ones I have at the moment are a bit meh now and dated - like they were good at the time but don't really fit with the overall/brighter vibe I want for my room. Don't get me wrong I still LOVE my pastels but I just want to start being a bit more adventurous with my colours 

So where am I up to at the moment with my room? Well it's a hot mess right now guys, seriously. I knew decorating would mean everything was kinda everywhere but to this extent? Nah, it's safe to say I cannot wait until everything is done and back in its place. Having said that I am really enjoying how therapeutic painting/decorating has become for me. 

^ you can tell this was my first painting project...

When you're about to clean any surface spend time washing it down throughly with hot, soapy water. Also it is always a good idea to sandpaper second hand furniture down to ensure the surface you are about to paint on is smooth and even. 

Budgeting was a big factor for me when deciding to redecorate my room - I had to make sure I was able to cover the costs of buying enough paint and tools to do the job done properly. All I can say is it IS possible to decorate and not spend a fortune, the biggest thing to do is shop around and compare prices. The best place I found was my actual sanctuary for homewares B&M's. I managed to use one 11 litre tin of Johnstone's interior matt paint in brilliant white for £11. The quality is amazing, I was really worried that with white paint the walls would look patchy and just rubbish and take more than one coat to achieve a matt finish - but using a roller and brush to feather between the ceiling and walls it didn't come out patchy at all! It was so good I went back and looked at what other colours they had in the Johnstone's range to paint a few pieces of my furniture in; I usually paint with a gloss on furniture but I actually used an interior wall paint for the draws and was pleased with the result. The first piece I wanted to paint was my draws which I bought off a local buy and sell page last April; it was only £15 and I spruced it up with some white paint and crystal handles. I was just getting a bit fed up of white furniture everywhere and although I will be keeping some of my furniture like my dressing table and bookshelf in white, other pieces like my draws and desk will be getting a big splash of colour.

Shopping in stores like B&M's and Wilkos means you can save so much money on paint but still be able to use a good quality paint for your decorating. I bought all my supplies from B&M's including the paint brush, paint roller, latex gloves and paint tray and it all cost me just under £30!

I decided to go for this passion pink for the draws which is a vibrant hot pink and I absolutely LOVE it. Above the draws I am planning on having this canvas I made the other week but I think I might be changing some of the colours on it to perhaps be more cohesive with my new room decor. 

Now onto some new little bits I have found for my room - okay so over the past couple of months with the idea in mind of redecorating and changing things up a bit I have kept my eye out for any bargains I could. I'd say that Primark has been amazing recently for homeware and I can't wait to go back there nearer my birthday and hopefully find some new cushions to go on my bed. But just recently I discovered how good the New Look homeware range is. I knew it existed but I don't know why but I just didn't give it much thought? Anyway... I went in there the other day and when I saw this love heart chalk board reduced to £3 (should have been £6 I think) I was like YES THIS IS MINE. I have wanted a cute little chalkboard for a while now seen as they seem to be everywhere but I guess I am just a bit tight and won't part with a stupid amount for it. I don't know why it was reduced as it was in perfect condition - I can only assume because it was part of the Valentines Day range because there was another one in the shape of a cloud that was the usual price. 

I also picked up this glitter frame that was also reduced... Just call me the bargain queen. The little flamingo tea light holder, pineapple fairy lights and heart sequin cushion were from Primark. 

Also can we also just talk about how perfect this teacup light is? I got it at The Range in the January sales for £9... I think it was meant to be like £20?!

Redecorating my room means a big old clean out too. It can be refreshing to just go through everything and make piles of what to throw away, give to charity and to of course keep. I really do hold on to so much stuff that I really don't need anymore. I think I have serious attachment issues to material things - I just always get anxious when going to throw something away like: "But what if I do want it? What if I do NEED it one day?" That being said I did manage to go through this mammoth pile of nail varnishes and sort them out a bit better although if I am being honest I did keep a majority of them (in my defence they are all mostly different colours!)

But I did organise some of my favourites on an aesthetically pleasing mini heart shelf. It was from Dunelm a couple of years ago and had a shabby chic kinda look but I just repainted it white to make it fit in a bit better with my room.

I still feel like I have a long way to go with it but honestly it's felt so rewarding to feel like I am actually doing something really productive with myself? If you don't know me my mental health is a bit all over the place to say the least and it's felt so nice to have a little BIG project to work on in my own time and I can't wait to stand back and just think, yeah, I did that. Although I almost wanted to chuck a can of black paint all over my walls when I had to re-plaster part of my walls. YEAH RE-PLASTER. I think I am now a fully qualified decorator but I guess we learn something new everyday right?

Thank you so much for reading and I would love to know if any of you have ever thought about decorating or up cycling a piece of furniture you are growing tired of. Let me know in the comments below if you have and also make sure you are following me on social media (links below) to see where I am up too and what other little homeware bits I am loving!

Love, Emily Jayne x

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