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Clothes, clothes, clothes I just can't say no... There seems to be phases of either there being literally nothing in the shops that I want or that just gives me a meh feeling; or it's kinda like I NEED IT ALL... Unfortunately for my bank balance it was the latter this time - but every cloud has a silver lining right? It was my birthday so I had some extra dollar to spend. 

Now I ain't no fashion expert and never will pretend to be, I mean if you held up a D&G leather jacket next to a Topshop one, I probably wouldn't be able to guess which was which... I have never been one for buying something because everyone else does or because of a label - in my eyes if I like it, I like it and that's a good enough reason for me to buy it. 

Fashion to me has been a bit of a touchy subject. I have always admired certain clothes from afar and longed to have the confidence within me to wear them, but something has always stopped me. I would be too frightened in the past to wear something a little more colourful or bolder as opposed to my usual black leggings and oversized cardigan (which FYI is still a great outfit choice)

I guess what I am trying to say is that I am so done with not wearing what I want because 

a) I feel not good enough/pretty enough 
b) people would laugh, point and probably throw eggs at me... 

Okay so that's probably a slight over exaggeration. Nevertheless it's time for me to bite the bullet and buy what I want and wear what I want - life's too short for dull clothes that make you feel BLAH.

So I wanted to share some photographs of my latest purchases in a haul with you all. Again photos of me EEEK scary (the last photo of myself on my own I took was probably a year ago in Disneyland Paris) but I am trying new things this year and trying to be a bit more OUT THERE so yeah hi this is me and these are the new clothes I bought and I like them... Let me know what you think!

My mum actually found this online reduced to £16.99 and it was from Joe Browns originally for £59.99. It's this gorgeous retro, 1950's inspired denim dress. It buttons up at the front and has a red tie belt. It's so gorgeous! And I love the way it poofs out at the sides, it feels very rockabilly inspired. Good work there mum... 

Be still my beating heart... When I saw these on ASOS last month it was an instant screen shot on my phone and then another couple of days going back and looking at them. I LOVE THEM! In the end ASOS ended up having a 20% off sale and these shoes were reduced to £20 and they are such good quality - AH I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH! They are covered in yummy, bright fruits - but look at that cute, lil pineapple peaking up at the back!?! Also I have been loving the whole fishnet socks look with just about any outfit and with these shoes it is just the perfect combination in my eyes. 

I can't be the only one who has literally seen this top everywhere on Instagram recently? It seems to be popular at the moment as when I went to get one I got the last one and lucky it was in my size too. It seems like the perfect top to wear with my new statement trousers and who can resist a little bit of French linguistics?

Confession the silver, glitter espadrilles are actually last years from TK MAX but I didn't wear them very much  at all and I am hoping that will change this year. I think these new straight legged trousers (both from Primark for £8 each) would look SO good with them! I am always so self conscious about wearing more busy patterns on my bottom half as I am majorly lacking confidence but I am so bored of black leggings and I want something a little bit more stylish!

This next piece gives me all the Minnie Mouse vibes. When I went into H&M last month I saw it and loved it but didn't end up getting it. But it's always a good sign that you really do love something if the first thing you look for when you go back into the shop is that said item! I was so happy it was still there - I kinda wish I was going back to Disneyland Paris this Summer to wear it with some Minnie ears. It's an off the shoulder cut attached to a floaty skirt, it's super comfy and just will be a nice lil dress to have during the warmer months.

Now when I saw this top I knew I had to have it, no matter what. Do you ever see something that seems like it was just made for you?! That is how I felt about this top from Topshop. It's by a brand called Tea & Cake and they had some other cool bits in their collection too that I would defiantly like to get one day. But this was defiantly my favourite - Barbies BFF Sindy finally has her own top accompanied with a frilly, tulle collar - pinch me, I am dreaming.

So that completes my first ever fashion haul, I hope you enjoyed reading it and looking at what I bought. These kinda posts have to be one of my favourite to read; I don't know why I just love seeing what other people have bought! I defiantly enjoyed doing it so if you would like to see more in the future please let me know. 

Question for this post: what is your favourite piece that I bought? For me it has to be the fruity ballet shoes! I LOVE THEM. 

Em x 

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P.s have a cheeky photo of me and my main main Ellie as he wanted to say hello...



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    1. I know I love them so much! Thank you x

  2. Dying over those fruity flats, literally the cutest shoes I've ever seen! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

    1. I am obsessed with them! Thank you!xx

  3. You have such great taste! I love all of those items!


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