Wednesday, 12 July 2017


In true Gwen Setfani style indeed if I was a rich girl I would at this moment in time be changing up my entire wardrobe. I feel like as I am getting into my 20's I am going through that rather cliche finding myself stage. But my discovery stage doesn't include a gap year to Thailand or mediating on the edge of a cliff - rather just wanting to be a little bit more experimental with my fashion choices. I have lived so long in black leggings and baggy t-shirts BTW still a great outfit choice. But I feel like my love of colour and sparkle is screaming to be expressed. Therefore I make this very public pledge that I will from now on buy clothes that I WANT TO rather than clothes I feel I should... Anyway enough of that, I thought it would be fun to share my current wish list of some fashion pieces I have so desperately been needing recently. I love reading other peoples wish lists and had just as much fun putting my own together, so I hope you enjoy seeing it too!

I am thinking about selling 80% of my clothes on Facebook and DEPOP as a majority of them are in such good condition just never get worn anymore. It seems a shame to keep them hidden away in darkness when they could be in a new loving home. Ever since redoing my bedroom I have just wanted to make a complete fresh start and stop following what I think I should be wearing and instead wear what I want to wear. There is a big difference you see. For so long I have been living trying to go unnoticed and I would cringe at the thought of people being able to see me - hence the dowdy clothes. But now I just want to throw away the anxieties of wearing something a bit more out there and colourful and embrace who I really feel I am. Ugh I am so sorry for how cringe I am sounding right now, I promise I don't mean to be...

A special shoutout has to be to That's Sew Maisie who I discovered through DEPOP one day. She makes the most sassiest and glitziest clothes ever. This is exactly the kind of thing that I am looking for. I always appreciate finding small, independent brands who hand make their clothes themselves. I used to sell at craft fairs at Christmas and I know how much hard work and dedication it takes to not only make the product but photograph, promote and sell too. I would love, love, LOVE to wear the hot pink, netted, ruffle dress and it would look so good over the yellow gingham trousers. Pink and yellow? Reminds me of a Battenberg and I wouldn't mind looking like one of those to be honest. 

I really hope that this year I can switch up my wardrobe and really start to become more confident in wearing more out there pieces. I  know that this side of fashion isn't for everyone and you know what? That's good! It wouldn't be the same if we all dressed and acted the same. To me fashion is less about vanity than it is a form of self expression, an art. Do you know of any unique fashion brands that I should check out when looking for some bright, sparkly pieces? Let me know please! 

Em xox



  1. Those Yellow gingham trousers are amazing!!


    1. Aren't they? I ordered them in pink in the end and still need to try them on but they look so cute!x

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