Wednesday, 2 August 2017


My second favourite thing to shop for after homewares? Being a massive lover of the crafting world means shops like Hobby Craft are heaven to me. When it comes to crafting there is not one particular area of arts and crafts that I stick to the most and I am always wanting to experiment with new mediums and materials. Recently though I have been loving acrylic painting and have felt so inspired to just sit with my art book or a canvas and splash some colours onto a page. I think when it comes to painting in particular I used to feel this immense pressure to paint something fantastic or extravagant and that has always left me feeling like I didn't even want to try at painting as it would never be perfect. The thing that I am learning most about painting now is that like everything else in life - there is no such thing as perfect! And it seems to be the pieces that I don't feel like I have to follow a strict regime or certain colour code turn out to be my favourites. 
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