Wednesday, 2 August 2017


My second favourite thing to shop for after homewares? Being a massive lover of the crafting world means shops like Hobby Craft are heaven to me. When it comes to crafting there is not one particular area of arts and crafts that I stick to the most and I am always wanting to experiment with new mediums and materials. Recently though I have been loving acrylic painting and have felt so inspired to just sit with my art book or a canvas and splash some colours onto a page. I think when it comes to painting in particular I used to feel this immense pressure to paint something fantastic or extravagant and that has always left me feeling like I didn't even want to try at painting as it would never be perfect. The thing that I am learning most about painting now is that like everything else in life - there is no such thing as perfect! And it seems to be the pieces that I don't feel like I have to follow a strict regime or certain colour code turn out to be my favourites. 

I am particularly enjoying painting because I find it stimulating and relaxing. Hours upon hours can pass by where I have just been lost in painting; it also helps my anxiety and depression which is an added bonus too. What I want you to know is to not fear the brush or paint - just buy a set of paints (acrylic are my favourite) and a brush and as cliche as it sounds let it all spill out onto the paper. The rhythm of the brush strokes instantly soothes and relaxes me and whilst before my mind was wandering into depressive thoughts I am then transfixed with the array of colours exploding onto my paper. Comparison in any part of life will never bring happiness and it is the exact same when it comes to crafting and painting. I am guilty of comparing my work to others, especially when I have done craft fairs in the past. I questioned myself constantly: why doesn't mine look like that? Or why haven't I made as many sales? The truth is you are you and your work will always be unique because there is only one you! Please don't ever let the thief comparison steal away your love and passion for being creative on whatever medium you choose to be. I have so many little projects I have underway that I really want to share with you all but have held back for so long in fear that they aren't good enough and in turn it has just made me more unhappy for not sharing them. 

All that being said, there was a ridiculously good sale on in Hobby Craft the other week and there were some neon acrylics that I needed wanted. Whilst I was in there I couldn't help but pick up a few more pieces that I wanted for some future projects I will be working on and sharing on this blog in the next month or so. I always see beauty and fashion hauls (love them) and so I thought why not a crafting haul? 

So here's the low down on what I picked up:

PINK GLITTER STORAGE BOX an essential for any crafter. I have one of these already which is transparent and I keep cross stitch/sewing supplies mainly. For this one though I think I might use it as a current WORK IN PROGRESS box. It's pink and glittery, what's not to love?

METALLIC GOLD SPRAY PAINT spray paint can be so expensive - I remember once forking out £10 for white spray paint of a similar size to this one. However my trusty B&M's didn't let me down and I think this one was under £7 and it's gorgeous. It's not like a tacky gold but a real nice gold... If I am failing to make sense I did use it for a project that I will be sharing on here very soon. 

NEON ACRYLIC PAINT  because who can resist neon and glow in the dark paint? 

& THE REST  I also picked up some sequins because a girl can never have too many sequins and I really want to start using them in photography more. The decorative tape and the sequins were both from B&M's which is amazing for craft supplies. The best purchase I made at B&M's though was this spirograph set which has given me major 2000 vibes. Did anyone else have one as a kid? I used to love mine and I have been thinking for a while it would look good to use one on top of my art to create different patterns. 

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Em xox 



  1. This is such a cute haul! That sequin set and all that washi <3 I have a washi problem, always collecting cute ones :)

    1. Thank you so much! Craft shopping is my favourite. x

  2. wow this haul makes me wish I was into arts and crafts (aka was actually good at it). Love what you've bought, may have to give this craft thing a go again!
    love yasmin xx

    1. I believe that everyone can do art, it's about what you find inspiring and beautiful to look at. I really urge you one day if you ever feel like you want to get into crafts or art to do it! It can become such a rewarding hobby xx

  3. Oh gosh, the paints! It's been such a long time since I sat and painted until my little heart sang. Life gets in the way sometimes doesn't it!
    I'll have to dig out some supplies and use my trusty hobbycraft card to purchase some crafty bits! Great haul! xx

    1. Thank you Emma! Please do, I find crafting and art such a rewarding hobby to have too. xx

  4. I love a good crafty haul; I always end up spending so much money though! You bought some really nice items! I especially love the deco tape, it's really pretty. I'd love to start painting, but I always worry about doing a crappy job. Your post has definitely made me feel more encouraged to give it a go :) x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

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  7. I love this post so much. Colourful arts and crafts things are my life.


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