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Without the risk of sounding cliche, how the heck is it October already? I apologise because I know everybody says how they can't believe how quickly the year has gone, but I genuinely can't and as I am getting older it scares me more! Going into the shops and seeing the Christmas decorations and the food out already is slightly too much but I guess some people like forward planning? Anyway today I am starting my first in hopefully a lot more monthly favourites post series. Reading other peoples monthly favourites is something I have enjoyed for years and it is my second favourite type of blog post to read after hauls. So wham bam and thank you m'am here are a few of my favourite things from the month of September!


Sweet Lord this purse has been on my wish list for what seems like an eternity. When I saw the Care Bears range by Iron Fist my heart felt nothing but pure happiness but then felt nothing but sadness when I realised I was about 100 years late to the party and that a majority of the stuff I loved from the range was no longer being sold. There were two purses from the range a night version which I didn't like and a day version which I fell head over heels in love with but seemed like gold dust to find. I searched high and low for this sweet baby trying all the key words that could be associated with it on various second hand sites until one day like a gift from the gods some blessed human being decided they no longer wanted theres and decided to sell it for £20 WHEN THE ORIGINAL PRICE ON IRON FIST WAS LIKE £40! WHAT! THANK YOU! AND IT WAS IN PERFECT CONDITION. I still get tears when I look at it.

It's so gorgeous and has the cute Care Bears playing on clouds of happiness surrounded by rainbows, ice creams and sweets and just everything I love in life. 

Also the inside is rainbow themed too... CAN WE JUST CELEBRATE THIS BEAUTY? THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT. 

Warning I am about to use the C word in this next paragraph. For Christmas I really wanted a Betsey Johnson bag to add to my collection and my nana and grandad very kindly decided to get me it very prematurely purely for the fact it was on eBay on a bid and I had honestly never seen one like it before. I had been eyeing up the Betsey Johnson telephone bags and knew that I liked the style but I could never find one with the right colours, until I laid my eyes upon this sweet, perfect and pure pastel rainbow beauty. It's in 10/10 condition, cost less than retail price and has all the tags and jazzy stuff still on it. My favourite thing about it though? You can plug the phone into your iPhone and actually talk on the phone through it! A novelty yes. My cup of tea? ABSOLUTELY. 

AH when I post this jumper on my Instagram I always get messages and comments asking where I got it from. Honestly I love this jumper so much and had been hunting for it for a while and then I discovered it being sold on DEPOP for just over £30 which is amazing as some people like to charge nearly £100 for it! It came in perfect condition and I just felt so blessed to have found it. It's originally from UNIF but if I am correct it is dead stock so the only way you can find it is through second hand sellers on eBay or DEPOP; all I continued to search for was UNIF pastel jumper. The quality is amazing, it's thick, snuggly and cosy; everything you need for the colder months. 


Let me revert back to my inner child when I say this is possibly my most favourite duvet cover in the whole entire world. It has freaking retro My Little Ponies on for goodness sake - it's so colourful and cute and just everything I never knew I needed in a duvet and so much more. I remember when George were selling these last year and I never got one but I managed to find a seller on eBay selling one in the packet, unopened for a semi-reasonable price, YAY! 

Next month is my mumma's birthday and as a family we agreed to redecorate her bedroom and give it a bit of a new lease of life. When I was down that random ALDI isle the other week they had lots of different homeware pieces in which FYI ALDI is ridiculously good for finding homewares, you just have to be there at the right time when they get their stock in.

Thank you to my family for being Yankee Candle obsessed and often buying the newest release offers on QVC. Each scent depicts a line of the classic song Favourite Things from The Sound of Music (if the song doesn't automatically play in your head when you just read that then you have issues you need to address.) So far this one has been my favourite, why you wonder? Well it has a kitten looking cute as a little button on the front and it actually smells SO GOOD too - I would say that it was sweet and you can defiantly smell the vanilla. 

Staying on the kitten/cat theme I also had to get this Marie mug seen as she is my favourite Disney character and 99.9% of the merchandise with Marie on pleases my aesthetics immensely.


Since my low expectations of American Horror Story: Cult have been fulfilled this year I thought I would give Channel Zero a try. I saw a trailer for the second season No End House which started this month and watched the first episode and was intrigued - the only problem being is that when I start a TV show I do like to binge on it within a couple of days and sometimes waiting a whole week makes me less interested. I managed to TOTALLY LEGALLY find the first season to watch and OH MY GOD, it was so damn good. If you like creepy AF stuff then you will enjoy this. What I liked about it the most is that it felt like true spooky horror without random sex scenes and blood just exploding for no reason *cough cough American Horror Story Hotel*. No, this actually had a plot and amazing character development. It's based off the Creepypasta story Candle Cove about a children's TV show that makes children basically turn into murderers... It's creepy, interesting and so underrated and perfect for Halloween like these bedazzled pumpkins I made recently.

What have you been loving this past month? This will be my first monthly favourite out of hopefully many more! Please make sure to follow me on my social media links and subscribe to my blog to get monthly emails on my latest posts it means the world to me and more. 

Thank you for reading!

Em xox 



  1. Everythinggggg YAAAAAS! The telephone bag and the Marie mug, omgggg <3 I love this! x

    Yasmin x

    1. Thank you Yasmin, glad you liked it xxxxx

  2. Absolutely love the jumper, and I want the care bear purse. Now going to check out Iron Fist website!! Wonderfully colourful post, love it x

    Sarah x

    1. Thank you Sarah! That purse is no longer being sold sadly but you can find them second hand on DEPOP and eBay! Good luck with your quest for one xxx


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